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One Thing I love About Les Stroud, He Keeps It Real

Published by Jon under General

My day job is to make websites for businesses. I don’t do the web design work, I do the marketing. I find new ways to market peoples products on the internet. Now because of my job I do a lot of thinking. Because of this I don’t think like normal people, every time I watch a TV commercial I think of how that TV commercial affects the customer they are marketing too. Every time I see an advertisement I think of how it will help the product sell. I think like that about everything.

Now you are probably wondering, “Sean, what does this have to do with Survivorman”?. We’ll I’ll be happy to let you know. Every time I watch survivorman I think of what he can do to increase his viewers and better ways he could market himself. And every time I watch Survivorman I realize how down to earth Les Stroud is.

Right now there are two survival shows on TV, which both are on the great Discovery Channel. Les Strouds Survivorman show is about him surviving in the wilderness alone for 7 days. Bears show is also about surviving in the wilderness, however his show is fictional and the knowledge he gives is off and would hardly ever in a real survival situation (that is my own option).

Ok so were am I getting at? Well, even though Survivorman is a real show and gives real information about surviving in the wilderness, sadly the show by Bear grylls is more popular. The reason is because the show adds certain parts to make the show more watchable to the public.

If I was marketing Les Strouds show I would give him a few tips to increase his viewers. Such as faking a injury such as a broken arm. Les did put on the split in the first episode to act like he had a broken arm, but the viewers knew what he was doing and that wouldn’t be as attending grabbing as an actual clip of him faking himself breaking his arm. If he was to fake an injury then he would start some word of mouth marketing, just like he kinda did when he had the survival team go look for him in the Sierra Nevada’s. But him faking an actual injury while surviving would get him way more attention.

I have many other examples I can give you all about how he could increase his viewers and… well, make more money. BUT, he never did any attention grabbing stunts. His show is all about knowledge and skill on how to survive in the wilderness. And that is why I respect him so much. He is a real entertainer. Its sad that their wont be a 4th season :(

No Comments » Posted on December 21st, 2008
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