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Les Stroud [Survivorman] Is NOT Dead

Published by Jon under General

For some reason there is a rumor going around that “Les Stroud has died”. The rumor is not true. You can see for yourself by checking out his facebook account.

I know of this rumor because a lot of people have been finding this website by searching for “survivorman dead” or “survivorman died”. Again the rumors are fake.

39 Comments » Posted on January 9th, 2010
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Comment by John
2010-01-11 13:25:22

What show was it then that showed the death (by lizard bite) of the
host in wilderness reality show. Come on, it was obviuosly a joke.
I took it serious because the show even had a (in memory of) part at the end of the show also saying that his video camera was found close to a village. The lizard stalked him for a day or two and the
infection did him in.

Comment by jeff gott
2010-05-27 11:03:45

thats lost tapes about the giant megalizard, i saw that one. it doesnt even come on discovery, so fail guy, fail.

Comment by jasmine
2011-03-11 14:42:31

wow that show was on last tapes…..the host in the show wasnt les stroud. so that has nothing to do with survivorman…..:/

Comment by Tasha
2010-01-23 17:37:37

? Why would people randomly come up with something without hearing it from a site like this or his site he runs. Stupid O_o

Comment by Canada
2010-05-25 01:43:17

I believe that the reason this rumor is circulating is due to the fact that one of his avid fans has died trying Les Stroud’s techniques. A man was found dead in Ontario while trying to complete the techiques shown on survivor man.
People of course, being human, automatically assumed that it was Les Stroud himself, that had died, and not someone else who took it upon themselves to try his wilderness survival without the proper knowledge or training.
A very unfortunate rumor, for sure.

Comment by erik
2010-01-27 18:36:39

that was the ( lost tapes episodes )evidentally they show stories of possible unexplained events happining world wide also one of military men eatin by a mysterious cave creature

Comment by doug trivette
2010-01-28 00:39:27

Hey everyone listen up! Les is a veteran of the bush. I really dont think that he was stalked by a lizard, and then bitten. Anyone who watches his shows, can tell he would probably bite the lizard first! lol. In my opinion, he had the lizard for dinner, then played an awesome tune on the old harmonica! If me, and my son had the chance to go on a survival journey with MR. Stroud, I would’nt worry in the least. We would SURVIVE!

Comment by Bill Liddell
2010-06-12 12:03:07

LOL… “Veteran of the Bush my hind parts.” This guy is a self promoting phoney with no real survival skills. LOOK AT HIS PERSONAL BIO ON HIS OFFICIAL WEBSITE. He has no training or experience in survival. I’ll take a grad from ANY escape and evasion class anytime. If you follow his advice you probably will die. Striking his magnesium fire starter with the CUTTING EDGE of his knife? (Utah Canyonlands) IDIOT. Leaving a camp with water thirty feet down (I’m ledged up, if I climb down I’ll never get back up.”), hiking off after disassembling a transportation means (the mountain bike) looking for water, and then climbing down 150 feet to a dry creek bed in an arroyo whose bottom he cannot see??? Dolt. Then, if you are lost, tryig to find a way out to civilization you move DOWNSTREAM, not up. Do yourself a favor, get any military manual on survival or a good backpacking book (Collin Fletcher is dated but good) and learn REAL wilderness skills. I hope his legal disclaimers are really good for the day when someone dies from following his tripe.

Comment by Frank
2010-09-03 11:05:22

Have you yourself done a lot of survival trips? I run a wilderness
survival school in BC canada and also teach at various wilderness skills gatherings in north america. Les stroud spends how many weeks
a year living with basically nothing but a knife and the knowledge he has of the area, to me he seems very skilled.

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Comment by Anonymous
2010-11-09 15:51:31

Um…how else do you strike a fire starter? Thats the way I do it and it works just fine.

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Comment by Mark
2011-01-29 19:31:14

Les Stroud worked with Gino Ferri and David Arama, a couple of survivalist experts. He later added to this experience by training with Prairie Wolf.

Survival Specialist Instructor for the Canadian Armed Forces.

Taking only a supply of basic food sources, the Stroud’s managed to live in the area around Goldsborough Lake for twelve months. During that period, they only left the area two times to take care of emergency situations. Without modern tools, they managed to build a cabin and to feed themselves by hunting and trapping.

You sound jealous that he has a tv show and you don’t…did you try to get a tv show and they turned you down?

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Comment by Chedy
2010-02-18 20:51:01

I heard today 2/18/10 that Les had died in a volcano doing a survivor tape .Is this one a lie also ,if not I am sorry to know his dead because I watch his program and love them .sincerly chedy

Comment by jim butler
2010-02-20 23:08:12

I heard he had returned from the bush after an expedition. During which included the stalking and killing of a lizard with a needle extracted from a cacti, shot through a water reed at 50 feet. (Dang your good Mr. Stroud) Then, upon returning he stopped at a McDonald’s and had lunch which did him. LOL!

Comment by Dane
2010-02-24 12:33:26

that is really stupid for everyone that makes up rumors. i mean come on we arent in high school anymore be mature.

Comment by Gene
2010-03-07 23:47:19

What has happened? Nothing but reruns.

Comment by wess 39
2010-05-13 20:42:55

les is great for these things he showes the world how to survive in places we are not supost to he is not dead at least i have herd any news of this and i hope not!!!!!

Comment by raplajingga
2010-05-25 04:15:01

Hi all, Les Stroud is still very much alive. John, the survivor guy you mentioned getting stalked and eaten by a lizard was a mockumentary episode from Lost Tapes, Devil Dragon. Its is season one of the lost tapes series.

Comment by Bill Liddell
2010-06-12 12:12:53

Guys.. Please. Do yourselves a favor. This guy puts our stuff that will leave you dead. Get a military survival manual, a good backpacking book, or the old FoxFire book series and LEARN how to really survive.

Comment by Bill Liddell
2010-06-12 12:44:01

According to Wiki: “Stroud stopped videotaping Survivorman after the third season due to what he described as the significant physical toll of videotaping each episode but now stars in the show Survive This, where groups of teens are challenged with the same struggles of survival that Les himself faced.”

Wonder what really happened. Someone finally figure it out and cancel him? Some estate of someone who died sue? Curiouser, and curiouser.

Haven’t seen the Gryllis series, but at least his credentials show something more impressive than Stroud’s which include Garbage Collector (Wiki), Musician and paddling the canoes for rich city folks looking for a “wilderness experience”…

Lastly, these shows are ENTERTAINMENT, peeps. THey keep making money by KEEPING YOU WATCHING. Shocking and weird stuff keeps you watching, and is “entertaining.” Real survival is boring, difficult and really dangerous: not entertaining. There are REAL places to learn those skills. Please don’t depend on TV shows when your life is at stake.

Comment by Darlene Aitken
2011-01-09 12:07:25

Bill, incase the comment I posted earlier doesn’t go through (had problems)I would just like say I agree with you 100%. Not saying Stroud isn’t trained or skilled, but some of the stuff he does makes me want to cringe.The guy can’t go one day without needing food and protein. I spend a lot of time in the Brazilian Jungle and believe me you can and do go days without food.I agree, get a good military survival book or better still go to the area and learn from the natives before you set out on your own.

Comment by Mark
2011-01-29 19:38:50

Les Stroud quote:
“A real show about survival means I must actually DO IT — actually be alone and have no food or matches. To make an instructional film is to show a bunch of techniques and go home at night. To make a TV show about survival is to have a crew with you all day … and go home at night.

To make a real show about survival means being alone, running three to five cameras with all the set ups and tear downs, changing tapes, cleaning lenses, changing batteries and fixing gear ALONG WITH finding enough food and water to survive, building a shelter to protect from hypothermia, building a fire without matches. The camera work takes up about 65 percent of my time and the true survival leaves me filthy, wet, hungry and cold while I try to concentrate on good camera work and storytelling. It’s a heavy combination of tasks.”

Comment by Minnesotac
2010-07-16 00:17:56

So when are you gonna do that Playgirl photo shoot?

Comment by jonathan
2010-07-16 14:38:17

i love your show les

Comment by Airsoft Questions
2010-09-09 07:04:44

I was one of the people that found this blog my searching google, “Les Stroud Dead”. It’s good to hear that it was just a rumor. I just started watching the show and really find it interesting to watch.

Comment by Sandi
2010-10-21 15:03:01

I saw you on the Hour with George, I was surprised to hear that you are from Mimico; that’s where I grew up. I also went to Mimico High school, only ten years earlier than you. I lived on hillside ave., when I looked out of my bedroom window all I saw was the high school. What a small world we live in, really cool. Keep up the great work, we love your show.

Comment by Doug D
2010-11-20 18:08:37

This bill liddell guy is a retard! No shit this isn’t real survival, thanks for the update!! idiot, oh and take your military manual and shove it…. I won’t go on.

Comment by Bill Liddell
2011-01-21 04:19:31

Well, here is a really intelligent retort by Doug D. No doubt another of the encephalographically challenged who can’t rise above the ad hominem. Try Man Woman Wild you okole puka, and maybe you might learn something other than insulting people.

Comment by Seth G.
2011-01-05 04:51:21

lol god the fans of Survivorman make me laugh so hard. When someone doesn’t agree with their fanatic love for Les, all they can do is result to unintelligent insults that only make them feel good when honestly he probably doesn’t give a shit about any of you. How sad. lol I can’t wait for the first douche bag to respond to this comment too. It will sound much like this “I bet Les could out do anything you could you fat ass bitch so shut the fuck up cause you’re gay and Les can do everything you can’t” then they go cry and whine and bitch cause someone else has an opinion. I mean good lord go suck his damn cock then. I totally agree with Bill. This guy has no credentials and his show only presents what would happen if you stayed out somewhere for seven days and he probably has all the info, equipment, food and info on the area he’s going to be in while he’s there on top of a lot of other unrealistic garbage, like oh….i don’t know VEHICLES! and HOT AIR BALOONS! And honestly if your stranded somewhere like he is your not gonna have nearly the amount of stuff that he does and conveniently find everything you need in a barren place, which only makes me believe he knows exactly where everything is prior to his location. Chances are if your stranded somewhere your not going to get the luxury of seven days only and sitting around surely wont help you survive, just prolong your lonely death. In the words of Chef Gordon Ramsey “He’s a fucking fake!”

(now I cant wait for the next Les Stroud cock gobbler like Doug D up here to rage about why Les is so amazing and I’m so stupid, cause honestly I don’t give a shit)

Comment by Kelly G
2011-01-09 11:45:52

Bill Liddell
I agree with you. Not saying he doesn’t have skills and hasn’t been trained to survive, but some of the stuff he does is a joke. I spend a lot of time in the Brazilian Amazon and the first thing you learn is not to do some of the stuff he does. If he truly knows the area, he just wouldn’t do it.

Comment by PhuckU
2011-01-14 14:56:37

Ur a piece of shit that murders small animals for ur stupid show. Why not try and survive in the hood of some large city u piece of shit.
Hope u the worst, u waste of skin motherfucker.

Comment by Zackary Burlin
2011-02-09 04:06:37

A lot of thanks for your whole labor on this site. Gloria really likes carrying out investigations and it is easy to see why. We know all concerning the lively means you present powerful guides through your website and in addition welcome response from other individuals on this idea then our favorite princess is actually studying a whole lot. Enjoy the rest of the new year. You are always doing a glorious job.

Comment by phil
2011-03-19 13:08:32

love the show! yeah, survival is boring. bring on the babes! big city lights.

Comment by does it really matter?
2011-03-31 19:32:38

Make more songs like “Three Cheers” its a great song. i went to his web site and saw he was in a band i went to listen to the songs to make fun of them at first but they turned out to be pretty good i can’t get “Three Cheers” out of my head.

Comment by Jake
2011-08-05 22:15:59

Miss Doug D may be just describing herself when she mentions “idot”; but you can’t say that she doesn’t agree with you, because apparently she does.

Comment by Jake
2011-08-05 22:20:49

Miss Doug D may be just describing herself when she mentions “idiot”. However, you can’t say that she doesn’t agree with you, because clearly she does.

Comment by Jake
2011-08-05 22:46:23

No doubt that Bill Liddell is correct that these shows are purely entertainment. However, who are you to say who Les Stroud really is? By the your comment, it appears that you’ve never met the guy – just Googled his name and skimmed through his Wikki page like everyone else. Don’t worry, though, you’re entitled to your own opinions; as am I. It just makes me laugh that people like you would stoop down to Doug D’s level.

By the way, I like how you claim to not “give a shit”, but “can’t wait for the next Les Stroud cock gobbler”…

(I’ll be waiting for your lame response… please, enlighten me with humor)

Comment by Jake
2011-08-05 22:55:01

No doubt that Bill Liddell is correct that these shows are purely entertainment. However, who are you to say who Les Stroud really is? By the your comment, it appears that you’ve never met the guy – just Googled his name and skimmed through his Wikki page like everyone else. Don’t worry, though, you’re entitled to your own opinions; as am I. It just makes me laugh that people like you would stoop down to Doug D’s level insulting people.

By the way, I like how you claim to not “give a shit”, but “can’t wait for the next Les Stroud cock gobbler”… I’m sure you could figure out the logic behind that.

(I’ll be waiting for your lame response… please, enlighten me with humor)

Comment by Ryon
2011-08-15 17:09:41

This is funny, if you hate Les so much and just here to call him a fake, why are you on survivorman fans webiste? Haha makes no sense. Entertaining to read though haha

Comment by dizfiller
2011-12-26 12:16:35

loved your show-I know my husband & I will make it through 2012+ thanks for all your tips-diz

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