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Les Stroud – Survivorman Biography

Published by Jon under
Les Stroud

Les Stroud, the popular adventurer who pits himself against nature on Survivorman, was born on October 20,1962, in Mimico, Ontario. After receiving a diploma from Mimico High in 1980, Stroud attended Fanshawe College and completed their Music Industry Arts program.

This led Les Stroud to work in the music industry for a few years. Stroud was employed by MuchMusic as an associate producer. He also served as assistant director of music videos for many well-known artists. Stroud then spent some time playing lead guitar in a band called New Regime.

A single canoe trip created a desire for more. Stroud took a job with Black Feather Wilderness Adventures. This gave him the opportunity to help others enjoy the beauty of northern Ontario as he guided their canoe course.

While working as a guide, Les Stroud became intrigued with a photographer named Sue Jamison. They proved to be a great team and wed in 1994. The wedding had an appropriate setting. The couple said their vows on a dogsled next to a small pond. Stroud and his new bride took great care to document their honeymoon, a year long adventure in the wilds of Wabakimi, Ontario.

Taking only a supply of basic food sources, the Strouds managed to live in the area around Goldsborough Lake for twelve months. During that period, they only left the area two times to take care of emergency situations. Without modern tools, they managed to build a cabin and to feed themselves by hunting and trapping.

They used the materials from their honeymoon adventure to produce a documentary, Snowshoes and Solitude. The documentary was highly praised. The Strouds’ work even received a Best Documentary Award at the Muskoka Film Festival. The Waterwalker Film Festival also gave it the honor of Best Film.

The Strouds then settled in Yellowknife, part of the Northwest Territories. Les Stroud signed on to work with individuals with special needs who were native to the area. He worked with Gino Ferri and David Arama, a couple of survivalist experts. He later added to this experience by training with Prairie Wolf.

After honing his survival skills to perfection, Les and Sue moved to Huntsville, Ontario. This is where the Strouds’ dream began. They started a company called Wilderness Voice and a began a sister media company which they dubbed Wilderness Spirit Productions.

Les Stroud developed a keen interest in the new Survivor television series. He felt that more realism would add to the program and presented his vision to The Discovery Channel Canada. The executives were interested enough in Stroud’s idea to allow him to produce two specials. The first show was called One Week in the Wilderness. Winter in the Wilderness followed quickly, and both programs were highly successful.

Les Stroud - Survivorman

This led to the Les Stroud’s next project. The science news show @ asked Stroud to produce a couple of specials in 2001. He completed the project using the same programming design as Survivorman. This involved Stroud taping his own trials and tribulations as he pitted himself against the perils of nature.

When these two pilots aired, the public had found a new hero and were fascinated with Les Stroud. In 2004, Stroud was asked to work with Dave Brady, a producer from the Discovery Channel in the United States. Working together, they created nine episodes of Survivorman. The show was so successful that a second season was produced and began airing on the U.S. Discovery Channel on August 10, 2007.

Although busy with film work, Les Stroud has never lost his love for music and continues to work in the industry. He has even managed to turn out a CD which features him playing the harmonica. The self-titled album is a selection of acoustical blues and folk songs, reflecting the true free spirit of its creator. In New Liskeard, Ontario, at the Spirit of the North Music Festival, Stroud received both the “Best Blues Act” award and the “Best Overall” label. He has also joined with The Northern Pikes to create a cd .

Les and Sue Stroud currently have two children. Their daughter Raylan is eleven, and their son Logan is nine. The entire family has been involved in Stroud’s unusual lifestyle.

Les Stroud sees his television program as an opportunity to teach while entertaining. He encourages his viewers to show respect for the environment and to maintain control in dangerous situations. Conservation, to Les Stroud, is everyone’s responsibility. Survivorman is his venue for getting these points across to the public.

135 Comments » Posted on December 23rd, 2008
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Comment by Jed Merill
2008-12-27 19:01:52


Comment by jim
2010-10-05 22:49:01


I have been a big fan of your shows and Survivorman. But now watching the episode in the Sierra Nevada I am bewildered by some of your techniques. I just got back from hiking 221 miles of the John Muir Trail and spent a month in these mountains. Using your food to set deadfalls and your guitar bait trap in a black bear habitat is reckless and plain dumb. It not only put you at risk but also the bears. This is why there are food canister regulations in the entire area. Habitating bears kills bears. Also, considering that there are trout in every stream and lake up there that are generally visible makes no sense to me… that your failed to tap this obvious food source and you went over and over a flowing stream near your camp while setting deadfalls was plain theatre. To add insult to injury, you wasted the time of search and rescue as part of your exercise when their time would have been better off helping people i true emergency. I was totally disappointed in this show.

Comment by Chet
2011-03-20 18:17:39

Seriously? Your mad at Les for search teams to go find him? You do know that it ws PLANNED? He set’s it up that on the final day, search and rescue PRACTICE by SEARCHING for him. S&R have to do trial runs and practice all the time. Les has arranged this a few times.

And you do realize that he is trying to TEACH people how to catch food if they need to. A five year old knows how to fish, why would he show that? Your dissapointed in thei show? I’m dissapointed in your obviously lack of IQ if you couldn’t figure this one out. Good greif man.

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Comment by C.J.
2011-03-26 18:02:14

Ya, I agree that the search and rescue teams should never, ever under any circumstances, actually practice rescuing people. They should sit around as much as possible to wait for “real” emergencies.
Possibly they carry “telephones” or “radios” when they go out on rescues, so they may even be notified of a true emergency. Not sure. It seems to me that you are the expert, since you walked 221 miles. Why haven’t you got your own show? Too busy whining about others that are actually doing something constructive? Did you notice any other episode when Les explains just how frustrating and nearly impossible it is to catch fish without a net or fishing pole? Please think before you publish your thoughts next time and maybe you won’t look so silly.

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Comment by Dennis
2009-01-18 02:35:51

hey man “I LOVE YOUR SHOW” nd i live in michigan i would LOVE to go on a andventure and day with you….i would pay.

p.s ur harmonica is sweet


Comment by jd slone
2009-01-21 17:06:00

hey I Love your show me and my friends wonts to be like u win we grow up
we made a promise that we would go every place you,ve been but right nall why were 11 we go to my backyard and act like you

Comment by jd slone
2009-01-21 17:08:36

but first were starting at georgia swamp the smae place u went

Comment by tammy c.
2009-02-02 21:35:00

I’m already missing… Love the location picks. Really enjoyed the South American trip, especially when he was fishing with his hands on the river banks, exciting! What a beautiful man…

Comment by Vishwa
2009-02-03 08:42:50

I LOVE YOUR SHOW its the best show ever we have to do a biography on some famous at school and im doing it on YOU!!

Comment by bob
2010-04-05 14:46:39

thats what she said

Comment by larry
2009-02-11 09:56:02

ur so cool ur way better than man vs wild

Comment by michael
2009-02-15 19:05:13

i love your show i have all of the seasons on dvd i watch them all the time

Comment by John Snow
2009-02-21 12:25:33

From Frankfort Michigan- Wife & I honeymooned on Isle Royale-8 nights out of a backpack…very spiritual experience, that’s why we love watching your show with our ten year old son. We find the values and perspective of your show instills a respectful vision we hope to instill in our young ones. THANKS !!!!

Comment by Rondo
2009-02-21 18:38:30

Les,I’m a beginning Backpacker.What is your choice of a good Backpack And sleeping bag for weekend trips in the Nothern California Sierras during late spring to early fall.I’m 51 years old 185lbs.,I was looking at the Gregory Baltoro 70.I still haven’t decided on the right sleepig bag.Any suggestions would be greatly appreiciated.Rondo

Comment by Alex
2009-02-23 22:46:41

I love the show. Must respect to Les for doing this! He’s awesome! He will be missed!

Comment by Missy
2009-02-26 21:13:17

My husband and I love your show. If we’re ever to be stranded I’m sure your tips will come in handy! :D THANK YOU!

Comment by Pete Cormier
2009-03-13 11:00:07

Hey Les, excellent show, I never miss it and even watch repeats. It’s about time someone put on a “real” show and not something staged or faked. I’ve seen you succeed and I’ve seen you fail, just like real life. I know this series must be extremely hard on you both mentally and physically and I applaud your courage. I wish there were hundreds of episodes to watch but as you are a family man I can’t say that I blame you for stopping after season 3. You are the ultimate survivor !

Comment by fran
2009-03-20 08:34:49


Comment by Bill Gates
2009-03-25 14:09:08

You are amazing, ill give you 34 million dallors If you put back your tv show! K THANKS BAI!

Comment by james
2009-03-31 08:15:55

this is probably one of the best show on t.v because you go out to a place you’ve never been before and survive for 7 days that is probably hard to do

Comment by Tyler
2009-04-05 11:58:04

I luvvvvvvvvvvvv your show!!!!!! My favorite is when u went to the Georgia Swamps and ate that rattlesnake! I luv watchin your shows over n over!!!

Comment by Tyler
2009-04-05 11:59:49

u r wayyyyyy better than that phony guy in man vs wild. I saw a deleted scene from one of his episodes and he was right next to a highway with a film crew!!!! What a fake!!

Comment by tucker gordner
2009-04-14 21:09:26

Less u are ammasing, I love your show and u have inspired me to go into the air forse after i graduate high school as a S.E.R.E thanks!!!!

Comment by nick
2009-04-23 07:18:43

i heard you died and im just glad to see you made it through another death defying act… thanks for the great show

Comment by Rodrigo Garcia
2009-04-27 10:16:48

Oigame su programa de survivorman es el mejor de todos incluyendo al de Bear Grylls

Comment by David McKenzie
2009-05-04 02:56:48

Ive been watching Surviorman for a couple of years . While it’s a very entertaining program to watch , It’s been instramental in my life. Due to unforseen misfortunes , Ive found myself unemployed and subsequently , with out a home . I decided to use the survival techniques I learned by watching Survivorman . Ive been living in a lean to shelter I built using Techniques that Les uses to build his shelters . The result is , Ive been warm when its cold and dry when its wet and left with a feeling of satisfaction knowing I created my own living quaters when I could not afford a home . Ive been able to provide sustainance the conventional way , but I wouldve been very uncomfortable , not to mention very suseptable to exposure related injuries and illness had I not learned to make a shelter . So , thank you Survivorman , for your entertaining and very informative program , because survival in the urban jungle can be just as dangerous without the proper knowledge on shelter building.

Comment by Renee Dinauer
2010-05-07 14:27:47


I’ve been where you are/were for a short time so I find your experience interesting.

Comment by Todd
2010-06-12 15:31:29

So you have internet access in your shelter? Wow, you are good!!

Comment by Ryan
2009-05-04 19:48:02

best show ever, very good learning experience and big fan of les stroud, when is the season 4 comming out.

Comment by Alek Robinson
2009-05-06 17:24:26

me and my friends think Survivorman is awesome and that you’d beat Bear Grylls at survival any day.

p.s. both of my parents went to Mimico High school at the same time you did

Comment by Jay Shepard
2009-05-17 19:57:01

I am saddened to hear that Les is quitting his series. I admired his show and have watched it from the beginning. My wife does not watch much TV, but she would always watch Survivorman with me. There was a rumor that Les had died and my wife almost had a stroke! She even cried. I wish Les the very best in all his endeavors and would hope that he would periodically make a ” SURVIVORMAN ” episode for all of his loyal fans, myself being near the top of the list. God bless you and your family, Les, and thank you for the wonderful hours that you shared with us………..

Comment by ron pulliam
2009-06-03 06:02:53

I hope you are not quitting. Your show is the best on TV. Your humor and knowledge are outstanding. TV will not be worth watching if you stop. I have one of your DVDs, will be buying all your videos. Loved the one about “what to do in a flooded city (NewOrleans)”, great stuff. The family time watching your show will be missed

Comment by zach
2009-06-17 17:11:49

your show is amazing… way better than man vs wild. bear grylls is just an entertaining idiot. continue to make a few shows here and there PLEASE

Comment by Peter
2009-06-25 11:11:26

You inspire me to be a survivorman in my own life.. 3 days no food you walk all night in the dark with a jaguar stalking you … lol .. it really helps my perspective. thank you

Comment by Stevan H
2009-06-29 16:53:09

I discovered your show on Netflix and now I am hooked. Haha, my favorite quote: “A scorpion is a wide as its hole” haha keep up the good work!

Comment by Mike Yusi
2009-07-23 02:19:58

Love Survivorman and Les Stroud. What I enjoy is how Les really shows how tough it is to get thru survival situations … he readily demonstrates how many of his “techniques” to catch food, or build shelter don’t initially work, or ever work! Good lessons to remember if ever faced in a real survival situation. I just read his bio and am continually impressed with his vision and perspectives re nature and enjoying life. Wish he’d continue another season of the show, but understand it’s tough to do. The three seasons he’s completed are true classics. Thanks again Les, and I look forward to seeing your next project whatever it may be!

Comment by Chad P
2009-07-23 17:44:10

Les, what a great show. I find myself watching all of your episodes over and over again and they never ever get old. I am sorry to hear that you won’t be doing Survivorman anymore but I want to thank you for making a quality show when quality shows on television are truly rare today. I have learned so much from you about survival and just wanted you to know that Your show will be missed. Thank God for people like Les Stroud.

Comment by john
2009-07-23 20:26:48

I’m a big fan of your show and Man vs wild is not as good as you, and you are all alone but bear grylls has a tv crew not you.

Comment by B A. Dur
2009-07-24 10:14:43

Les,not sure if you read these posts or not but they sure are a testament to the positive and humble way you live your life. Things don’t always go your way but still you persevere. I was watching your Australian Outback adventure yesterday and it got me thinking about your life path and how all of your decisions led you to the place you are now. After reading your biography I see that one canoe trip happened to be the catalyst that began your future adventures. How lucky a person is that they can do something they love and be such a positive role model at the same time. Keep up the GREAT! work and be as safe as you always are. The best of luck to you and your family.

An admiring fan

Comment by Greg
2009-07-26 17:15:52

You are my idol, you make me want to go out into the wild and survivalist camp, I have season 1 and 2on DVD, and I hope there will be many more seasons of Survivorman!

Comment by Dana
2009-07-30 18:23:57

I am really dissapointed in one of the episodes “Kalahari” in 2007.. On the show it mentions the temp was 140 degrees F or 60 degrees C This was not true… The world record is 136 degrees F in the early 1900′s

I know it’s tough but don’t lie to make yourself look “tougher”

Comment by
2009-08-02 22:15:46




In fact you inspired me to go to Alaska this summer and I went to Homer, AK and lived on the ‘Homer Spit’ out of a tent and used many of your survival techniques (Vaseline and Cotton balls saved my ass on many a cold Alaskan night). I would not have ever thought of doing something like that without your inspiration and the knowledge you passed on to us.

I am just a regular guy and I would very much like to see another episode. you can’t quit now… I just got addicted :)

Thank you for listening.

Comment by Rick
2009-08-04 10:52:07

Hi Les,I was just wondering you ever seen that movie ALIVE with Ethan Hawke,wher the rugby airplane crashed in the andes mountians,do you think you could survive that???

Comment by J. R. Bruce Cassie
2009-08-22 22:17:17

You are an amazing, interesting, talented, sincere, creative and disciplined person. Please, please rethink the decision on “Survivorman” since nothing on TV compares to what you do in the series. It is inspiring and riveting television. I loved the recent Hornpayne adventure with the NHLers too since it featured survival skills in a human/nature context embedded in altruism. Doesn’t get better than that! You are a Huntsville treasure who belongs to the world.

Comment by J. R. Bruce Cassie
2009-08-22 22:19:22

You are an amazing, interesting, talented, sincere, creative and disciplined person. Please, please rethink the decision on “Survivorman” since nothing on TV compares to what you do in the series. It is inspiring and riveting television. I loved the recent Hornpayne adventure with the NHLers too since it featured survival skills in a human/nature context embedded in altruism. Doesn’t get better than that! You are a Huntsville treasure who belongs to the world.

Comment by J. R. Bruce Cassie
2009-08-22 22:21:11

So much from one talented person… makes all of us rethink how we are using our time in life. “I would be proud to be Les Stroud!”

Comment by Tim Mcgaha
2009-08-24 20:10:37

Hey Les keep up the good work I would love to have been ur friend when u guys went on that hunting trip Also liked seeing u eat boobie breast That was a cool one sorry about the harmonica

Comment by mark jackson
2009-08-31 06:56:39

Great show, whats these rumours of a divorce between Les and his Wife?

Comment by Murhaf Ashi
2009-09-07 03:05:43

The best show ever i really gain alot of information from you and you are a creative person. my best epasod was amazon. i wish you can make a show about hunting , fishing with your way. best of luck Les and keep the great work.

Comment by ricky
2009-09-10 22:45:12

make more videos because i watched all your episodes 30 times each and bear grylls SUCKS make more videos please please please make more videos make more videos bear grylls suks bear grylls sucks SURVIVORMAN RULES LES STROUD RULES

Comment by dan wadland
2009-09-11 13:36:32

les you are one awesome man i would love for you to give it one more season you are great i watch you over and over learn alot from you THANKYOU send me some cool stuff

Comment by Bob Peterson
2009-09-17 11:46:57

Who doesn’t love the survivor program. I watch them over and over on my DVR sometimes. I am an avide outdoorsman. I have learned things that I may not ever use, but are there in case I need them.
If you do more of the shows please mention at the end of the shows what should have been take. I’m always saying to my wife, “but I never would have gone on that hike without so and so” or I never would have gotten in that small plane flying over this place or that without this minimal equipment in the plane”. We need to know what to take. Great show Les. Take care and GOD bless.

Comment by chris
2009-09-21 13:28:33

i love your show. i have,nt seen a new one in a while. are you still doing it?

Comment by Cori Jones
2009-09-28 21:31:48

Hubby and I LOVE your show! I’ve learned so much so has hubby. Can’t wait to go rip a palm frond apart and try it! Sames goes for the plant in the desert that looks like a “Century Plant or an Aloe Vera. I hope I can tell them apart and if I can’t, I hope it doesn’t make me sick or kill me! I can’t believe you destroyed your harmonica! That was a sin to me! Just don’t pull a Jimmy Hendrix if you need firewood and you just happened to have a guitar around! Search harder! Remember…respect for the guitar, man! Survive on!

Comment by Shaun Mathieson
2009-10-14 16:58:12

Hey Les,

Your show is GRRREEAAT!!!! In school we have to do a biography and guess what? I chose you!!! Anyways according to my grandma you are related to me through marriage… It’s complicated but you might recall the surname Barnes whitch is the family on my moms side… So my grandmothers’,brothers’ wife is your aunt, Marilyn Barnes(formerly Stroud) from Gravenhurst. Ya so I’m looking forward to meeting you some day… Anyway hope to hear from you…

Comment by Keith
2009-10-20 20:29:53

AWESOME SHOW!!!! I was SO sad the day I checked your web site
for more episodes only to find out only three years were made.
I watch every show over and over.. Great work Les..Would love to meet
you if ever in WPG….All the best with your Family……

Comment by Jesse
2009-10-30 01:56:28

Great show Les! I cant stop watching it and its great to learn from it as well. Your the real deal, what you see is what you get. I am from northern MN, but now live in Seattle. When I watch your show it makes me want to go back home and live in the BWCA forever. Take care.

Comment by John
2009-11-04 15:35:48

I hope you read this stuff, my son (5 year old) and me absolutly love the show. I’ve been to Iraq with ARMY, now I’m going with a very big company to Saudi Arabia. I need some help on how to survive. I will be living there.

Comment by Ryan
2009-11-05 17:38:18

Please tell me your going to make another season! I am addicted! I’ve seen every episode like 50 times and I’m planning on adding the dvds to my collection. I love being in the outdoors but don’t get to spend much time out there due to school and work, although I did take a backpacking trip through the Smokey’s. I don’t know how you do it! That pack gets heavy going up a mountain! Can’t imagine having to walk it twice to set up camera’s! Anyway I love your show and hope to see another season in the future. Man vs Wild isn’t cutting it! Best of luck!

Comment by Ronald Ramaley
2009-11-08 20:24:03

I am 59 years old and I have been a fan for several years. I just saw the episode of the Alaskan Adventure that you hosted featuring a follow up of all the participants and how it effected them personally. It brought to mind a series that you did called “OFF THE GRID”. It was about a piece of land that you bought in Canada and began to make it livable for you and your family. After about 5 episodes it disapeared from TV and there was never a follow up to see if you made it. Do you still live there? The kids must be in there teens now so how are they adapting to this style of life and with you out filming new episodes how does the wife cope? It would have been nice if there were some follow up episodes to answer these and other questions that people have. I imagine there were many problems and hardships that came along with living in remote Canada. How about a show answering some of these questions?


Comment by Nathan
2009-11-10 04:43:39

I am your fan from poland for imitating greet be my exemplar admire you Les! I would be glad very as if few important indicators lend me salute my address

Comment by charles lee
2009-11-18 00:49:37

survivor man i read theese coments and i read someguys comment saying that your quiting i really hope your not because my dad, mom and my brother and i always watch your show 9pm monday to friday.
my dad always wants to be like you when we go camping but i dont know how you do it. i just turned 14 on nov 16th i am
i am writing this while i watch your show. im watching the episode where you tell us about the place you go what your camera crew does.
i ove your sense of humor and on my school project “all about me” i had to choose a hero and i chose you. i really hope you didnt quit because i really love your show, your humor and it is fun and i actually get education from the tv for the first time. my favorite episode was when you took the dog sled and found the cabin but u had to go back home because of the weather. i really love your show and i hope you make more episode.

from charles

Comment by Shawn Tucker
2009-12-03 10:44:55

I have been a fan of the survivorman series but your biggest man is my 6 year old son who asks me to record your show everyday on OLN. When I ask him what he wants to be when he grows up is “a survivorman”. When we go outside he pretends to be a survivorman in a jungle, swamp, desert etc. He mimics all of the things that you do by building a shelter, pretending to start a fire and the best is looking for food (his favorite is looking for wild edibles). He is becoming very environmentally conscious and looks up to you as his hero. His biggest dream come true would be to meet you. Do you ever go on speaking tours? If so do you have an schedule? We live in the London, Ontario region

Comment by phillip higgins
2009-12-12 00:58:20

i have a question for les,duno if he will get it,did you ever do some fishing in central newfoundland?

Comment by Nick
2009-12-14 20:12:16

Les, I absolutely love your show. I am a big fan of you. Your show is sweet and I have every episode recorded. I really want to be like you when I grow up

Comment by Jay
2009-12-15 19:26:19

Hi I’m from england and we have a guy called bear and ray but your show is clearly the best, please please please make a few more seasons, i want to see you survive in russia, south pole etc. more more more… serously tho you have given me a better understanding on survival and would really like more shows from you.

Comment by Bharadwaj
2009-12-19 03:17:13

Hi Les!I’m from INDIA and I love your show and would like to meet you.I’m your die hard fan and i hope u make such great shows in future as well.Please take care of your health.Bye,see you on tv.

Comment by wade
2009-12-22 15:48:46

You and your shows are bigger and more valuable than you probably know. I have always been an avid wilderness camper/hiker/canoer, but have picked up so many great things from your show. Also, the way you teach respect for the environment and animals is great.

My family and I will miss you and your show.

Comment by rhonda
2010-01-03 22:00:57

My husband and I really have enjoyed your show and we are sad that you will not be doing another season. You do have to take care of yourself first, and like steve perry from journey says[Be Good To Yourself] because nobody else will. Godbless and thanks for 3 fantastic seasons!!!

Comment by Christopher Wilson
2010-01-08 10:15:27

can you come pick us up for a camp in tomogami now or next year please from watt. p.s.from chris kurt and abigail.

Comment by Bill
2010-01-18 15:39:49

hey les its to bad your not making more shows,you really show how to survive while bear grills shows how to kill yourself,i learned way more on your show, will miss it alot,thanks for the adventures,i will watch the repeats, peace

Comment by dileep,india
2010-04-16 00:37:56

u said it Bill

Comment by marcos schlener
2010-01-19 13:42:28

les i would like to say first off that your show is great .. i love your conservative take on surviving the wilderness.. i was watching the show bear grills .. u have probally heard of it. and i thought .. wow this guy is crazy.. but turns out he did have some ok and useful facts.. but i think if u guys both went on a adventure somewher together…that it would b some dam good television.. amazon maybe.. or like bogota columbia…/ please read this commit and make me proud les .. im sure u will

Comment by randy
2010-01-26 11:08:13

it would be so cool if u could do a survivorman show in ohio

Comment by Adolf Hitler
2010-02-10 20:40:48

lol u assholes think les stroud is cool hes a fucking asshole

there was this one episode where “misteriously” found a new bike in he middle of the desert and said
“That a tourist probably left it here!!!!!”
if u want to survive watch man vrs wild with bear grills

GET THE GAS CHAMBERS READY CUZ WE GOTS LOADS OF JEWS TO GET RID OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by adamrdz
2010-11-23 13:15:25

dawm fool i would kick your bitch ass just for les bitch

Comment by Adolf Hitler
2010-02-10 20:48:26


Comment by megan
2010-07-14 12:40:29

this lil “Hitler” kid is kinda nuts huh….hope his parents are keeping a close eye on him. i mean WOW! Sad thing is, im giving him attention for his behavior right now. C’mon kid……….find Jesus…….its not too late, even if you’re locked away by now. Anyway, Les, God bless you. Hold tight to your family and faith.xoxo

Comment by D Man
2010-02-16 18:22:20

you fuck heads its not like you could do half the stuff he does so stop calling him a fake! BTW REALLY BIG FAN PLEASE KEEP DOING SHOWS LES

Comment by Chris K.
2010-02-18 11:53:38

Hey Les, I really hope you read theese comments. and that in reading them you chage your mind about quitting survivorman I am in grade 12 and in class as I write this… shhhhhhh :P, I was never into the outdoors untill I saw you show. Ray mears was my favorite survivalist ever… And you topped him for sure I am starting a youtube channel doing what you do but for a weekend inste of a week. But after I graduate I will be trying the full week and maybe even more. I hope liek heck that you manage to make the occasional episode every now and then. :) if not great job and you clearly will be missed :)

Comment by seb
2010-02-22 00:54:44

hey les I love your show. dont worry bout all thosse people begging for a new series. the show must be tough. im a boxer and i definitelyunderstand the feelin when enough’s enough.

Comment by bre bre 22
2010-02-23 22:13:31

he is really cool. omg though i cant belive he eats bugs though.(grose)

Comment by hailey
2010-03-01 12:04:37

heyy i loved your bio lol

Comment by randy
2010-03-03 10:51:04

man vs wild is fucking gay that guy is not alone so fuck you adolf hitlor

Comment by Amanda Lacoste
2010-03-04 00:35:58

Love your shows, watch all your repeats. When you don’t find food, I worry. When you’re cold, I worry. Therefore I just treasure the films you made and am glad that you retired from them. I would not want to have to grieve over you as I have over the death of the Aussie croc hunter.

Comment by Garett Van Vaals
2010-03-06 00:18:40

Love your show! I grew up running around getting lost in the forest in Prince Rupert and Vancouver Island! Ive always wanted to see Les Shroud and Bear Grills as a team, take on Mantracker….im just saying it would be freakin sweet! Thanx for all the hunting tips!

Comment by Carl Jenkins
2010-03-07 20:52:22

Love the show,I have learned a lot just watching your show. I hope to never be in a situation like the ones I see you in,but after watching you I believe I can survive. I would like to see what you would do in a cold and lonly place like antartica. If you can would you email me a response. Thank you from a greatful fan.

Comment by Brandon
2010-03-31 18:57:14

ur show is amazing im watching it rite now, ur in Africa Good LUck in the future

Comment by bob
2010-04-05 14:56:10

my ass

Comment by Mark L.
2010-04-11 20:09:10

Les…watching your show has taught me one thing–I wouldn’t last a day in the wilderness on my own!!! God bless!

Comment by dileep,india
2010-04-16 00:34:19

hey Les i just luv ur show,i always fight with my buddies to watch ur shows,i learned a lot fm ur show,i love to be an adventurer like u……love u Les

Comment by anupama
2010-04-18 05:30:05

Hi Les Stroud,i like the show “SURVIVORMAN” and your adventures.

Comment by mahee
2010-05-01 08:32:17


i watching the show regularly and also i am applying your practical things in my regular life is one insidance.

I was travelling in a bus it was a long travel. it was early morning Suddenly urine was very urgent i can’t do nothing still 35miles are there me to reach destination. I took water bottle and drank the water fully and passed my urine into it. at that time i thought of Surviour man.

Comment by Joe
2010-05-30 18:20:58

I love your show it builds on all i have learned about survival. I was just wondering have you ever heard of Camp D.A.R.E even been there?

Comment by Liam
2010-06-27 15:16:23

Survivorman – My name is Liam and I am 8 years old. I am a fan of your show. I have a trap to tell you about. You dig a hole in sand and then you dig another hole with a tunnel into the first hole. You make the hole as big as the animal is around. Dig the holes with your hands not a shovel. You put a stick in between the tunnel and you put a rock on top of the stick. Have some peanut butter or something and put it in the middle of the hole. Put walls of sand around the trap so the animal does not escape. Have something to cover the big hole but not the hole with the tunnel. Now I’m going to tell you how the trap works. They go down the tunnel hole with the cover on the big hole (you can use whatever you want to cover the hole so the animal does not escape). When they go to get the peanut butter they hit the stick and the rock comes crashing down and covers the tunnel hole so the animal does not escape. That is how your trap works. I learned how to do this because I thought to build it under my deck becasue there is a lot of sand.

My location is Kenora. I like to walk and play and explore in the bush here.

Comment by mike
2010-07-10 04:23:41

hey Les i just want to say that i always enjoyed “The Great Outdoors” but the inspiration i get from watching your show gets me out there to practice what i see from your show and what i learn from books. i think that these skills are important.Too many times you hear about someone who gets lost and is found many days later hungry and near death when some baisic skills would help soooo much more.
thank you

Comment by Muffy Dowdall
2010-07-15 10:24:28

Love your show watch it all the time,loved your series on Off the Grid,would love to do that on my property.I have no hydro and want to keep it that way.All the best Less with your adventures.

Comment by Bobby
2010-07-15 17:41:42

Survivorman over Man vs Wild if you wanna learn REALISTICALLY how to survive. Unless you are a conditioned ex-British Special Forces guy (few of us are) Bear offers nothing but a particularly nasty death. Well, he also serves to titillate 17 year old armchair cowboys who just wanna see a cross between UFC and the crocodile hunter. Les’ advice may save the regular people out there. Grylls will lounge in a hot tub while dopey kids (who aren’t in control of their new testosterone) will emulate him and wind up ingesting necrotic spider venom. Just look to backyard wrestling as an example.

Comment by Daniel
2010-07-20 10:15:50

How about a follow-up program on your off-the-grid home? How much do you have to rely on your generator? Does solar really work at that latitude? Do you have enough wind there to make the turbine worth the money?

Comment by taren
2010-08-13 23:00:42

les you have the best show in the world you are way better then man vs wild that guy does not know shit about surviving

Comment by Gabi
2010-08-22 16:59:36

Les Stroud you rule!your way better than man woman wild, man vs. wild or dual survival!!!!!I tell ya there are alot of idiots who think they know everything about surviving,but they don’t know half of what you know. THEY KNOW SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Gabi
2010-08-22 17:04:32

Les Stroud you rule your better than all the other survival shows out there. Your show rules!!!!! THIS NIS FOR ALL OF YOU ASSHOLES WHO THINK THAT HIS SHOW SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Karen Aubin
2010-08-28 08:14:18

Hi Les, I work at Chapter’s in Barrie.
A good friend of ours in B.C. has a 35 yr old son, Tyler Wright, who has now been missing for 10 days in the MamQuam Pass area.
I am praying he was an avid fan of your’s and is able to survive.
Does something happen to your Physcie (sp) out there that prevents you from being logical?? Why doesn’t Tyler pick a large open space and set up an alert of some sort? Or follow a large river flowing down toward civilization?

Comment by nancy
2010-09-06 16:44:56

hi i really in joy whatching your show you can really learn a lot from it. i was telling my children that one of thees day we might have to leve like that as times are getting hard.

Comment by Dan
2010-10-06 22:16:15

Les…do you read these comments?

I have a rather old trick that you could have used on several shows, especially the situations where they give you one match. If it is a cheap, paper match, ubiquitously handed out with cigarettes or for cheap advertising, you can easily turn it into two lights.
All you have to do is PEEL the match in half…each half will light normally, and you get two lights instead of one. This was an old trick I learned from my bad boy days in Bowmanville Training School. We didn’t have many matches, so we stretched them as far as they could go. As long as the match is split into two, each half will ignite like a normal match and give a good flame. So instead of using one match for one fire, you could get two fires going with the one match…before you resort to the old spinning friction bow to produce fire. Try it…I guarantee it works like a charm, every time. If not, I’ll out last you in the Ontario bush for a two week challenge. I spent half of every year at our cottage in Halliburton and know how to survive. This started when I was 5 months old, all the way until I was 15 – (also have bronze medallion, advanced campcraft skills and was a cub and boy scout.
We could even jam…I’m a drummer and have made drumsticks I then used on various hollow logs for a great blues groove…
So, what do you think? b.t.w., I never light my shelters on fire! lol
Dan Fitzgerald – Stephen Leacock High/York U. grad…lived in Agincourt.

Comment by Dan
2010-10-06 22:31:29

what happened to my trick with the matches? I posted the trick and even offered a challenge to survive in Halliburton…Minden area.
I spent half the year up there since I was 4 mths old…up to 15…
Like your innovative methods of getting food…do you do a lot of research on the local flora and fauna before you go? (or get secret parachute drops?…lol)
you beat that Bear guy hands down…he’d too much of a barnstormer…without the camera guy with him, I doubt he’d last…and, he seems to “stumble” across just what he needs to demonstrate a new trick…ergo, a “staged” survival…
you’re a blues Les…
Dan Fitzgerald

Comment by Emmanuel
2010-11-18 22:35:30

I love your show

Comment by adamrdz
2010-11-23 13:12:44

Best show ever Better than Man Vs Wild i can see your shows over and over and never get bored your an insperation to me makes me wanna go out in the wild ill probably go but first prepare myself well so i won’t get myself in serious trouble ill probably take a buddy for extra security but just to let u know best show love the way u just use what u have keep up the good work and thanks gotta get back to watching your show commercials almost over

Comment by vijay
2010-11-24 02:46:47

hi stroud iam an indian,i really enjoy ur show,i won’t miss survivor man,its really superb,what is ur next project,good bless u

Comment by Momstootie
2010-12-19 09:48:50

Neat show, Les. And thank you for very seldom using bad language. IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAVE A GREAT FAMILY

Neat show, Les. And thank you for very seldom using bad language. It sounds like you have a great family; I’m happy for you.

Comment by Momstootie
2010-12-19 09:56:37

Great show. And thanks for having a clean mouth (most of the time.)

Comment by PhuckU
2011-01-14 15:02:05

Ur a piece of shit that murders small animals for ur stupid show. Why not try and survive in the hood of some large city u piece of shit.
Hope u the worst, u waste of skin motherfucker.

Comment by Liam
2011-02-21 19:37:22

Hi there Mr. Stroud,

We just wanted to say thank you for taking time out today as you were running your errands to speak with my son Liam. My son still can’t get over the fact that he saw and shook the hand of Survivor Man. Your genuine nature and personal touch was a wonderful gift for a young boy who looks up to you. My son has a packsac garnished with a survival kit made from intstructions out of your book Survive and he has your book in there aswell all ready for an adventure. :-) Thank you for making my son’s birthday memorable and all the best to you, your family and in your next adventure.

Many blessings,

Colleen, Liam and Dan.

Comment by ben
2011-03-01 13:33:33

btw whats the name of les’s parents

Comment by austin
2011-03-06 16:46:10

hey les, wish you would come to kentucky and do a show on how to stay alive in the daniel boone national forest. it seems people from all over the world come here to see our forest not realizing what danger they can get their self into. falling off our cliffs seems to be a problem for flatlanders thats not used to our terrain. there are many signs to be aware of before you even get close to a cliff, even if you are traveling in the dark. write a book, do a show, anything to get these peoples attention on staying alive in our forest. alot of people respect your advice, and maby it could save one of the many lives that are lost in our neck of the woods each year. thanks

Comment by Sandy
2011-03-25 14:55:12

If I am lost anywhere in the world I would rather be lost with you Les and your expertise.

Comment by C.J.
2011-03-26 18:06:37

Les and Crew,
I watched all the episodes of SurvivorMan and bought the book this winter and now I can’t wait for spring to get outside and try some of the things you’ve mentioned. I want to get familiarized with some of the techniques you’ve honed, just in case I am ever in a situation that requires them. I hope never to be in such a dilemma, but if I am I hope to come out ALIVE. I like living, and I think Les, you do too. That comes across strongly on your TV show and I think that’s one of the reasons I find it so great. Keep up the good work and I hope Beyond is a success in your eyes.

Comment by Lily
2011-03-30 09:58:01

This guy is total loser.

Comment by Norton
2011-05-08 22:52:40

His shows (“Survivour Man”) are as much put on as any… first of all, why would people be out in the places that he puts himself and not have even the basics of where they are,… ship wrecked on a boat… no knife….. no hooks… even tho it’s a boat used for fishing,, but poof… a pare of pliers shows up…. snomobile breaks down north of the Arctic circle…. no knife…… even the most ignorant person would have a knife or matches…lighter….. but lo and behold….poof another set of Pliers shows up…. not even a multi tool… which is very common with most people nowadays
I’ve lived close to nature all of my life and guided all types of people…. and guess what…… they will all have enough sense to have……. you guessed it, “a knife”, “matches” or a “lighter”, these types of shows are such a farce…. lets just make up the situation as we go to make it the most far out of all… through to the lame ending….. any inteligent outdoorsman will pick this show apart just like they would “Man vs Wild”
maybe have the basics and more would watch and enjoy rather that scoff at it

Comment by Jason Pope
2011-05-09 01:45:04

Don’t listen to the haters Les. I’ve spent many a year in the Sierra Nevada’s and I’ve drawn blanks more often then not with full fishing gear and appropriate bait.

Comment by Tanner poirier
2011-05-20 09:52:46

I love your show and all but the only thing I didnt like was that one time when you killed the elk thing then lost it in the water. I just found that so horrible because it was a compleate waist of the animals life.

Comment by blucane
2011-05-28 23:39:12

hey les…!!
luv ur great show man…!! u r impressed every indian by ur daring performance…!! yeah..!! it is very helpful to the survivor , wishing u to perform the indian forest… waiting for u les, come to tamilnadu, india…

Comment by mtimm
2011-06-26 03:32:32

Hi Les,
I have lived off grid in Alaska and the Yukon for a lot of years. Like you we see many people out there who , for lack of a better word , are idiots. No respect and they think that the wild will last forever. I am very happy to see in your shows a teaching of respect for these values and I hope that people will take that respect out with them.
Keep up the great work and hope to see you on the trail one day.

Comment by Paul Quinlan
2011-07-17 15:50:57


My son Evan and I would like to say thanks again for taking the time for the picture at “The Cottage” restaurant in Huntsville friday night. We were just talking about you earlier in the afternoon while trying to start a fire with a magnifying glass at our cottage we rented in Dorset. We talked about the episode you destroyed the video camera to get the glass out to start the fire from the sun. Within hours you were sitting down behind us for supper. Sorry for the interuption but we have been talking about that all weekend and will be for weeks to come. Hope you enjoyed the festival. We did. Thanks again Paul from Chatham Ontario

Comment by Ken
2011-07-26 13:57:42

I can understand some of your points, however you go about it in such a huge negitive way. Granted I don’t know the area and it’s fish, but tell me, how the hell does being there harm the bears? As for the time of the search, do you really believe he called them and said, hey guys do you need practice finding people? Makes alot more sense to me that they called him, and said hey do you want to help us practice? I dunno, you seem kind of like someone stuck in his own head.

Comment by Les Stroud Sucks
2011-08-04 01:33:07

The name says it all. I wish Les would run into Bear Grylls in the wild, Bear would eat him alive, crap him out, and use Stroud’s leftover face for toilet paper. Les really needs to disappear. I can’t stand him. Anytime I see or hear him on TV, I shut it off. I don’t change the channel, I don’t mute the tv, I shut it off completely. I can’t stand his face or voice, or the stupid crap that comes out of his mouth.

Comment by Joseph
2011-08-11 07:38:38

Hi Mr.Les,
I cant say Im a grown adult yet; at present being 14. I have never liked video games, watched cable,etc. However, I have always been into out doors, reading as much as I could to get information. SAS guide, Tom Browns,and then ….BAM! Your book on ‘Survive!’ hit me like a mac truck! No longer just facts, but a person actually showing that it can be done, rather than sitting in a puffy leather couch writting about it. The people who dont like you,(you’ll notice) are also the foul cursing mouths; their opinion only goes as far as their brain-2 square centimeters. As for the rest of us, there is a real reason- the fact that you go at it with a passion for outdoors;unlike Bear Grylls going “oooh-oo looke at meeee haha!” who needs ALL the attention. I only know that from one video I watched. Keep going with the show, but otherwise, God bless and safe keepings for you and your family!:)


Comment by small girl big mouth
2011-09-02 15:46:28

Les, you have a cute ass! Wish I could see it for real. Luv ya!

Comment by Maria
2011-10-09 12:55:39

Survivorman is AWESOME

Comment by jen
2011-10-17 07:17:18

Hello Les,

I was never an outdoors kind of woman but as of lately I have been taking the trails around my house while my husband is at work. I have a better view on nature now thanks to you. I am not brave enough to go out on my own in the wild but if I ever get in the situation where I have to survive then I think I would know what to do. Thank you for the great show and the great advice. Keep your spirts high and keep doing a great job.

Comment by Janice Sly
2011-11-12 17:07:05

Les, Your show has a great deal to offer in learning about the great outdoors. Thanks. Several of us are getting a bit ticked off with your constant and unnecessary comment that you hate to “take a life” or “hate to kill anything” and your constant failure to show us how to clean poison snakes and other wildlife to where it is safe to eat. Hell that is seriously important knowledge if you are having to survive! Stop holding back. The hate to kill commentary sounds more like a whiny politically correct sycophant than a person who is able to survive and teach others how to survive. It takes away from your show. Stop it. As Jack Webb says, just give us the facts. We can decide for ourselves if it is emotionally traumatizing. Carry on.

Comment by Lloyd Anthony
2011-11-12 17:39:29

Les liked your show. I also like surviver man, no affiance here. My question is why is there hardly ever any animals caught or killed? Only insects or plants eaten. Would liked to have seen some traps that worked on air. I never saw a show that listed the things people should have with them while outdoors such as: no specific order, knife, latex gloves (water storage), metal match, space blanket, small amount bleach(water purification), folded aluminum foil(cooking) fish hooks-line(wrapped around lighter), whistle, 550 rope 30′, pack of gum/hard candy. All of this can be carried in a fanny pack or large pocket/zip locked bag. I have this and a little more in every car I own.
And not always but most rescues happen within 48 hours. If anyone was told where you were going?
I’m not trying to be to critical, just trying to help someone survive during our new terrorist times.
Again liked your show,
Opened my eyes a little wider.

Comment by Nancy Robinson
2012-01-04 23:19:44

Les, I love the show. At first I found it a little dull, because the pace is slow and so little seems to get accomplished, but then I realised that “Hey, that’s what happens when you’re trying to survive!” Unlike the so-called reality survivor shows, yours is true reality. Sometimes things work, and sometimes they don’t. I like that even an experienced outdoorsman like you, can have difficulty making things perfect. That plane crash in winter, in Northern Ontario was brutal! I really felt the cold, and you must have been so hungry. I don’t know how you can even keep your head on straight, with so little food. I’ve only just discovered your show last year, but have it on permanent “record” on my DVR. You rock!

Comment by Ben McIntosh
2012-02-02 08:19:32

I want Les to do more survivorman episodes. I love watching him because it helps me know what to do and what not to do in a survival situation.

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