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Les Stroud on Off The Grid

Published by Jon under Survival, Survivorman

Off The Grid

I was surfing Les Stroud’s main website today and saw that he will be publishing a 2 part show called “Off The Grid” which will show Les and his family move to a 150 acre lot with a bunch of go green stuff. But done take my word for it, here is the exact description on the website.

While renegotiating doing another season of Survivorman, Les Stroud is producing two one-hour specials for Canada’s OLN (Outdoor Life Network) called Off The Grid with Les Stroud. This new and captivating show will highlight Les’ family’s move to their 150 acre bush lot with solar power, rain harvesting systems, and many new technologies for living an energy-conscious and self-sustaining life.

Im very excited for this, I love this kinda stuff. However I will have to purchase it, because we don’t get Canadian TV in the US :)

11 Comments » Posted on December 27th, 2007
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Comment by Kim
2008-01-03 20:11:27

I just orderd it too

Comment by dyeman jd
2008-01-05 01:05:48

Hello all who are looking for the video of Les Stroud going “Off the Grid” , it is on Youtube as a 5 part series. I too, am going to order the video but if you want to watch before you get your copy, Youtube is the place to watch it in it’s entirety.
Take care, jd

Comment by Catherine
2008-02-15 08:41:45

please tell me where I can get a copy of the
“Off the grid” episode by Les Stroud that has already aired.

Comment by Colin catherwood
2008-04-26 20:13:35

I saw your show. It was very interesting.

I would like to fine out more about the ATV accessories you used on the show. If you wouldn’t mind can you send me the name of the manufacturer, or a web site, so I find out more about those very unique accessories. Thanks

Comment by Tori
2008-10-05 22:47:41

Off the Grid my arse….. do you realize how long he is going to have to live there to erase the carbon footprint he made by having a HELICOPTER fly in and out 8 times to deliver supplies!!!!!!
Give me a break…he could have lived off the grid with less impact on the environment by putting up solar panels in the home he had in the city!

Comment by Jon
2008-10-06 00:17:01

Tori – No I dont know how long he will have to live there? How long will he have to live there to get rid of the carbon he put into the air? I am curious.

Comment by Kevin
2010-01-03 21:28:28

Tori, who cares about the carbon footprint! Living off the grid is about being self-sustained. I do love my Earth but I will not buy into Al Gore Bull****. You know a Hummer vehicle makes less emissions driving on the road for 20 years than the process and build of a Toyota Hybrid car. Something to do with the Hybrids battery.

Les Stroud RULES

Comment by lt
2010-01-12 16:47:47

I watched the first show and was disappointed. Les must have spent a fortune on helicopters flying in materials, prefabricated cabin, high falutin consultants for everything (do you really need to hire a design consultant for collecting rainwater? My Grandparents didn’t)great big honking trackhoe to dig a well, and I couldn’t guess how many truck loads of materials carted in. The control panel for the solar/wind generator looked like it cost $20,000 all by itself. I would really like to know what the total cost for everything amounted to.

Comment by Brenda Griffin
2010-01-22 17:37:12

I am so disappointed that we won’t have any more of “Survivor Man”, I could never miss a show and I’ve been waiting for the season to start so we can get Bear Grills off the air. we want him back!

Comment by Dave
2010-01-29 01:22:01

I watched it already (in the US) and it was OK, I’d have liked a lot more detail.
Having a helicopter WAS a bit over the top, I have to believe it was not in the original shipping estimate. Most of us would have done this in the summer, as Les himself pointed out. But then I don’t have to squeeze it in between taping seasons of my TV show. And filming during the winter fits the Survivorman image.
The house (old carriage house) sits on bedrock, so how did they run water lines under the house? The frost line is probably 48 inches there. With the bedrock at 4 feet, how was he able to run lines from the well? Stuff like that i want to know.
Living off the grid means different things to all of us. For some it is their carbon footprint. For me it’s about the independance, both mine and the future generations of my family. So if I build an off the grid home and my family uses it for the next 80 years, and hopefully longer. I am sure I will, in the long run, reduce my carbon footprint by legacy more so than if I built a conventional home that stood for 80 years.
Good stuff Les.

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