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Les Stroud on Off The Grid

Published by Jon under Survival, Survivorman

Off The Grid

I was surfing Les Stroud’s main website today and saw that he will be publishing a 2 part show called “Off The Grid” which will show Les and his family move to a 150 acre lot with a bunch of go green stuff. But done take my word for it, here is the exact description on the website.

While renegotiating doing another season of Survivorman, Les Stroud is producing two one-hour specials for Canada’s OLN (Outdoor Life Network) called Off The Grid with Les Stroud. This new and captivating show will highlight Les’ family’s move to their 150 acre bush lot with solar power, rain harvesting systems, and many new technologies for living an energy-conscious and self-sustaining life.

Im very excited for this, I love this kinda stuff. However I will have to purchase it, because we don’t get Canadian TV in the US :)

14 Comments » Posted on December 27th, 2007
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Survival Kits

Published by Jon under Camping, General, Survival, Survivorman

Everyone knows what to bring into the wilderness when they go camping, hunting, fishing, etc. But very few people bring survival kits when they go for day hikes, or 4 wheeling, etc. Homemade survival kits are easy and cheap to put to gather and they will help a lot when you get stuck for any reason in the wild.

Homemade or store bought?
I rather have a homemade kit, its easy to put together and very cheap. But you can purchase store made survival kits on the internet, I would suggest using ebay, I use ebay for everything and they always have better deals on the site. As you can see on that website they have a few different types of kits, they range from fire starter kits to first ad. So if you looking to buy a small kit for your truck or 4 wheeler and not spend a lot of time or money, I would suggest using ebay.

However, if your like me, than you would want only certain things in your kits. Some of the most important for me is flint, knife and sharpener, fishing gear, axe, and some water tablets. That is the bare essentials, but that kit is only designed for a overnighters to a few days max. I would keep that in my truck just incase, however if your going camping, everything changes. I would suggest looking at this kit for more info.

Survival kit 1
Survival Kit 2

1 Comment » Posted on November 30th, 2007
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If You Like Survivorman..

Published by Jon under Camping, Survival

Than you will mostly likely love the show “Alone in the Wilderness”. Its a documentary about a 51 year old man that goes and lives in the Alaskan wilderness for 30 years. He films it the same way Les does, he sets up all the cameras himself and shows you how to build cabins , dig for water, make paths and stuff like that. He doesn’t go into details on situations… its more like a documentary of a guy that goes and survives alone for 30 years. I only found these 2 videos, but I might buy the whole video. Ill tell everyone how I like it.

Check them out..

Be sure to register for the forums to talk more about this..

4 Comments » Posted on October 15th, 2007