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Win A Free Shart Week Tee

Published by Jon under General

Hello Everyone,

We are having a contest that is sponsored by Survivorman Fans and The Discovery Channel. Up for grabs is a vintage Shark Week t-shirt from 92′. As you all know, Shake Week is a big deal, and Les Stroud features an episode called “Surviving Shakes” (which is for sale). You can watch the episode on The Discovery Channel and/or buy it from us for a low price.

If you would like to enter this competition to get a free t-shirt and have it sent free to your house then simply enter your email address into the area on the sidebar or below the image. All you need to do is to enter your email and we will randomly pick a winner on Sept. 15th 2008. You may contact us if you would like more details.


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The Survivorman Geico Commercial [Video]

Published by Jon under General

Have you seen the survivorman geico commercial yet? Well if you haven’t you are in for a treat. Below you may watch the new “survivorman geico commercial” on youtube. The commercial starts out with Les Stroud walking and talking into the cameras and eating some kind of nut, then he sees the geico gecko and you will see from there ;)

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Les Stroud vs Bear Grylls

Published by Jon under General

If you are into survival types shows as much as I am, you know about Les Stroud’s Survivor Man and Bear Grylls’ Man Vs Wild. Both are captivating shows that keep our interest and keep us coming back for more in a quest to see just how these men are able to survive against insurmountable obstacles. Both shows are about real survival stories and teaching us how to get ourselves out of tough situations that may face us down. The real question is just who is the better of the two at surviving in the wild.

I think Bear Grylls is all flash. He’s got a pretty face, he talks and he’s full of energy. It seems like he is always running from one thing to another with no breaks in between. It’s like he is trying to shove as much into a single episode as possible. His episodes start with him getting dropped into a location and then trying to make his way back into civilization with no food and very few supplies. It’s about survival, or so we are made to think.

Les Stroud is different. He may not be all flash, but he is into real survival. He tells it like it is and demonstrates how we can survive in a place using the things that are naturally around us. It’s not about running an obstacle course or trying to rush from point A to point B. It’s about showing how ordinary people who own deskjobs and who’s best experience to sports is playing bingo online can survive in a very inhospitable place. It’s not about fake scenarios. Survivor Man has more plausible scenarios than does Man Vs Wild.

Another thing about Bear Grylls and Man vs Wild is that Bear always has a cameraman and crew nearby to help him, if he’s in a life or death situation. It’s nice to think that Bear is doing everything himself, but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. Remember that episode where he was crossing the big ice crevasse and we were made to believe he was in the middle of nowhere? Look closely and you can see he was next to a highway.

You don’t see that sort of thing with Les Stroud. He’s a real survivor man. All of the Survivor Man episodes are filmed by himself. It’s just Les and the camera when he is surviving in a new place. It makes for a more authentic survival learning experience. In fact, just watch any of the Survivor Man DVDs and you can see just how much it’s about authentic survival living without any of the flash you see from Man vs Wild. Les Stroud and Survivor Man beats out Bear Grylls and Man Vs Wild by a long shot. It’s the kind of show that I enjoy time and time again. I can’t wait to have a DVD for Season 3 because it’s always fun and exciting to watch and there isn’t the scripted shenanigans as found in Man vs Wild.

19 Comments » Posted on January 23rd, 2009