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About Surviorman Fansite

Published by Jon under

This fansite was set up for that any survivor enthusiast or beginner can learn about surviving. Here you can talk about survival, camping, and of course the survival show. There will be lots more coming, keep checking in.

The Survivorman Show has Les Stroud go out into the bush for 7 days to survive on his own. He is only given a few tools to take with him which may include a knife, ax, gum, watch, tin cans, etc. Everytime he goes out into the wild he is giving the tools that normal people in that area take with them. He also has to take up to 50 pounds of camera gear with him so he can film his whole experience.

This fansite has nothing to do with the survivorman show. This site is owned by Developer Hut Inc.

2 Comments » Posted on October 12th, 2007
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Comment by Mitch St. Germain
2009-01-30 20:52:18

WOW! Les Stroud I am a huge, huge, huge fan who was greatly inspired by you and your shows. I come from a wealthy family and I used to be a city slicker. So much of one that I used to be afraid of flies, hated camping, and couldn’t even picture myself fishing. One day I was bored and saw suvivorman come up on the t.v. I figured there was nothing else on t.v. so I started watching your show. I got soooo hooked I recorded your next five shows after the previous one I just watched. After that I went out and figured that it couldn’t hurt to try some fishing. I told my dad and he told me that he used to go fishing all the time as a kid. I asked him if he could take me camping a couple weeks later, and thats when I went to Algonquin provincial park. My mother moved to Port Perry Ontario a couple months later where I discovered a love for fishing and carried it on by fishing on lake Sgugog with my best friend Jared Shoemaker. Jared also got inspired by you. Jared and I currently have a great love for the outdoors, including fishing, camping, building and testing multiple shelters and traps, hiking, canoeing, and of course taking nature portages. Les if it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would have had encountered such a love. If it wasn’t for you I would still be a huge city slicker and if I ever did go on a hike I would be what you call a “Gear Geek.” oh and p.s. I read your book and I now know almost 4 times the suvival skills I knew before reading the book. I love it and your right the outdoors are fun and that book does eqquip you with the skills you need for survival. Thank – you sooooo much for doing all of your shows and writing your book. You have been a huge insiration and I have became a great fan. Thank – you, and keep filming.

Comment by Scott berub
2011-10-24 13:49:13

Mitch how do i get in contact with you?

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